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AIR's Mission Statement

AIR is an association of industrial and office real estate brokerage professionals dedicated to providing superior information, industry standards, services, and education by mutual cooperation among its members for the benefit of their clients and the business community.

Broker Professionals Dedicated to Integrity

At a time when commercial real estate was burgeoning in Southern California, a group of visionary brokers, in 1960, founded the American Industrial Real Estate Association. In the ensuing years, the “AIR” came to signify respect and integrity.

This is no accident. It was the goal of these highly respected brokerage community leaders to bring stability to a fast-growing profession and, perhaps more important, to raise professional standards, ethics, cooperation, and continuing education among its practitioners.

Rules, Standard Forms Vital

This stability was achieved in no small measure by the Association’s prompt establishment of Rules of Professional Conduct for commercial brokers aimed at ensuring fair play in transactions. Complementing this were Standard Sale and Lease Contracts, and particularly vital to brokers, the Standard Owner/Agency Agreement, which was tailored to solidify the broker’s status in transactions.

AIR was also founded as an organization by brokers, for brokers. As such, at its core is the practice of advancing the success of its membership, while providing their clients with optimum service and credibility.

Ongoing Industry Outreach

Grounded in these values, AIR has come to represent the highest degree of integrity and outreach in a dynamically changing industry.

Significantly, in an effort to expand its outreach to the broadest range of the brokerage community, the Association is now doing business as AIR Commercial Real Estate Association in order to incorporate the office and retail sectors of the industry.

Today, with more than 1700 real estate professionals in over 400 firms, ranging from global companies to local boutique firms blanketing the eight-county Southern California region, AIR represents approximately 95 percent of the region’s brokerage community. This makes it the nation’s largest organization of its kind.

A Working Organization

AIR members are licensed real estate professionals who actively specialize in the sale and leasing of industrial/commercial properties. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors drawn from its membership. The Board of Directors meets monthly to conduct the business of AIR.

AIR is a "working", non-profit corporation whose many programs and services are designed to advance the success of the AIR’s members.

AIR’s Products and Services

Among the many programs and services the AIR offers are:

  • WinAIR Forms 2.0 – electronic forms software. A comprehensive line of over 50 contract forms and addenda.
  • e-MULTIPLE - e-MULTIPLE is an Internet-based Multiple Listing Service developed by AIR.
  • CDX - AIR’s Internet-based system CDX. Allows you to access multiple sources of property data on every building in any given market. In addition, CDX offers a complete office database to complement industrial properties in all regions, automatic email alerts, map search via Microsoft Live Earth Platform, tenant data and access to 28 other markets throughout the country, including San Diego affording AIR members data from Santa Barbara to the Mexico border.
  • AIRWaves – an electronic newsletter published bi-monthly.
  • AIRMail – an e-Mail-based system that allows AIR members to communicate with fellow members regarding property information.
  • AIRSpace – AIR’s listing data search from any web-enabled handheld device. AIR members enter your e-Multiple login name and password at http://airspace.mobi.
  • AIR Forms Manual – The User’s Manual was created as a reference tool to help our forms users interpret and understand the forms. The manual includes all of the leases and related addenda and every paragraph in each of the forms is broken down and explained in layman’s terms complete with highlights, notes and practice tips for landlords, tenants, brokers, property managers and attorneys.
  • Networking Events – quarterly get-togethers that give members the opportunity to interact in a casual environment at prestigious venues.
  • Arbitration – in transactions involving member firms, if commission disputes happen to arise, there is professional recourse through AIR’s Arbitration service.
  • Annual Market Review and Forecast Dinner - This event attracts top leaders from throughout the industry to hear experts from key Southland submarkets comment on the state of the industry in their regions.
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